3 Central Principles of a Web Content Management Trifecta

Sep 04

web-content-managementProducing favourable consequences with web content effectively combines three distinct elements: technology, strategy and people.

Choosing the right platform, also known as Content Management System (CMS), rests on considerations regarding publisher’s size and resources. Small and medium enterprises as well as sole proprietors may opt out for any open-source industry standards such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla!. Alternatively, large firms and Fortune 500 companies may find their demands superbly met by more powerful proprietory systems like Microsoft SharePoint, Interwoven Teamsite, Adobe CQ Experience Manager and many others. In any case, the CMS should be flexible, scalable and integratabtle with organization’s other systems, especially CRM.

First and foremost, content strategy should focus on content providing value to its intended audience. Different audiences benefit from different things, specifics of which are best determined by marketing research and creative concepts. Furthermore, special attention must be attributed to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and mobile applications to maximize content’s visibility and distribution.

Overall, the entire web content management process, from content planning to creation, to management and optimization, is a fairly time-intensive opus operandi. Thus appropriate resources should be allocated in terms of people and time. Those in charge of creation should be competent in the area of professional writing and preferably have a master ability to code and edit hyper text markup language (HTML). Additionally, every post has to pass through multiple workflow layers, whereby necessary editing and proofreading aligns all published information with the format of original content strategy, established best practices and visual elements of the brand.

Altogether, professional web content management increases reputation and generates qualified leads. Especially, if it is tied to clear performance measurement and professional web analytics it should scale substantial growth in a timely way.

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