Key to Unlocking More Opportunities with Web Analytics

Apr 06

web-analyticsWeb analytics power web marketing with real-time and near-real-time intelligence to drive performance, plan strategy and scale results.

The two main web analytic applications currently dominating the market are Adobe Analytics (previously Omniture) within paid systems and Google Analytics among free platforms.

Although Omniture hands-down wins as the most powerful commercially available program, allowing advanced segmentation and hundreds of beneficial features like A/B Testing for mobile devices and PCs.

Increasingly, Google has been adding more advanced features for mobile tracking, social media integration and content experimentation to accelerate scope of its analytical dashboard.

Web marketers will find the following web metrics that define a full range of their efforts extremely useful:


  • Visitor Type – unique vs. returning, hints at how content is used
  • Visit Duration – higher is better, maximize for optimized results
  • Bounce Rate – short or 1-page visits, should be minimized
  • Country of Origin – useful for adding multi-language site options
  • Conversion Rate – varies for industry, life-cycle and project scope
  • Crawler Visits – frequent search engine indexing improves rank
  • Popular Pages – adding links can distribute traffic to other pages
  • Entry/Exit Pages – focus on increasing visits and duration
  • Browser Type/Resolution – helps improve user experience
  • Flash/Java Enabled/Disabled – avoid using if no scripts installed
  • Traffic Source – which websites are sending traffic
  • Dead Links – what pages weren’t accessible, error messages


  • Split Testing – optimizes for best possible conversion rate
  • Advanced Segmentation – matches content to segment lifecycle
  • Social Media Integration – includes data on competitors’ pages
  • Web Marketing Integration – conversion rates for PPC and ODA
  • Mobile Integration – including geo-location components

Disciplined application of these web analytic techniques facilitates professional web marketing campaign planning, strategy and execution.

The bottom line is: If you can’t manage what you don’t measure then what you measure in detail you can manage well.

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    I hope that these questions help you to identify even more opportunities for your organic search performance by providing a more strategic approach to your SEO audit.

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