Leveraging Art and Science of Marketing Strategic Concepts

Apr 15

marekting-strategic-conceptsIf the art and science of marketing had a lovechild her name would be strategic marketing concepts. The influence of science to this capacity would pledge the marketing research and competitor analysis that together validate and frame this process. Meanwhile the art would inlay creativity—the key ingredient that lets skilled marketers generate prolific number of ideas to reach their ultimate goals.

There is literally an infinite quantity of professional techniques that stimulate creativity within all aspects of the marketing mix:

– new products
– promotional strategies
– new services and solutions
– advertising campaigns
– innovative distribution channels
– new technologies
– media and publicity stunts
– innovative pricing strategies
and many more . . .

Experienced marketers with above-average idea-producing capabilities, value the brainstorming process because when it comes to creative concepts the true quality is typically first led by a vast quantity.

Budget and technology permitting, in some cases it is possible to test the best creative concept. Otherwise, marketing teams choose strategies that incorporate stress-test scenarios and built-in contingency plans with complementing solutions.

Certainly, sharp marketing instincts feed keen creativity and intuition to achieve real marketing results.

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