7 Dimentions of an Editorial Social Media Marketing Plan

Jan 09

social mediaThere’s no media like social media! And how do marketers use it to build brands, serve markets and achieve results? By adopting the following rules that layout the basic principles of a formal creative and editorial social media plan.

Target Profile

Target market’s demographic and psychographic attributes define who will be seeing the social media tactics, what they do, where they do it, plus when and why they should need and buy the promoted products and solutions. Profiling every target market segment (or in digital terms, personas) structures the marketing resources and provides direction to what happens next.


Storytelling is at the heart of Hollywood, journalism and similarly social media. It captivates the imagination, informs, and invites the audience to examine a shared experience of events, subjects and objects. Photography, audio and video play a key element in social media because of their ability to convey stories and engage more efficiently.


Social media crystalizes the storytelling experience by letting the audience to not only find and create its own stories but also to add their own exerts and share them. Among the basic tenets of social media is a notion that in order to be engaged, you have to yourself be engaging. Because nothing attracts attention like a correctly and eloquently shared insight.

Tone of Voice

Much like storytelling is at the heart of communications, the right tone of voice is central to storytelling. The most effective tone depends on multitude of contexts in a situation. And understanding the background issues and aims of those existing contexts, prescribes the proper voice with necessary blend of content, timing, meaning and emotion.

Valuable Content

Upon developing the right voice, marketers have to create value. Valuable content may take on different forms, which again vary by time, scope and audience. A young adult, for instance, may prefer slapstick humour while a legal professional would pay close attention to integrity of the data. Eventually, however, all those multiple stories combine to form content. And if it is relevant, memorable and believable then value has been achieved.

Niche Seeding

Niche communities form around interests where influencers, or expert bloggers with legions of followers, have tremendous power and reach. Cultivate relationships with influencers and, if it is worthwhile, they will promote your content. Simultaneously, find all active community forums and main social network groups in a relevant niche and where it’s a best practice to become active and develop an authoritative voice.


Metrics in social media associate engagement metrics such as commenting, tagging, following, sharing and liking to traffic, leads, sentiment and action. Also, in industries with longer sales cycles, earned media approach holds true. Earned media quantifies sharing, forwarding and re-tweeting that has been done exclusively by users. Over time earned media positively correlates to sales.

In the aftermath, from the results of the social media marketing analysis, new and improved profiling, storytelling and engagement techniques do emerge.

The nature of social media is such that in every niche noteworthy brilliance goes viral.

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