Achieving Major Accomplishments with Pay Per Click

Jun 02

Abbreviated PPC, Pay-Per-Click advertising literally means paying for clicks online. It creates instant web traffic through search engine advertising platforms such as Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter and of course the marketing leader – Google AdWords.

Pay Per Click differs from Online Display Advertising because display ads involve banners on sites and visual promos on social networks that try to siphon target market’s attention from other online activities. In turn, PPC aims to hit the target with optimized keyword campaigns when a query is typed into a search engine with those exact same keywords. Repeatedly, Pay Per Click advertising presents itself in the form of highlighted text ads on popular Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s).

This extraordinary degree of targeted relevance makes PPC one of the most effective forms of advertising today. The reason being that searching for a product or service provider indicates a need. And to successfully convert this target market need to a winning transaction, experienced PPC managers follow proven techniques to make the most of their Pay Per Click marketing spend.

Strong Offer – Through extensive competitive analysis, use a premise that reasonably positions your ad against its rivals. Always create immediacy and clear expectations.

Call To Action (CTA) – Always include an strong voice statement that urges target audience to click through to the content. Find most effective formulation with ongoing testing and analysis.

Meet Expectations – High bounce rate indicates there is content that fails to maintain interest. Improve landing pages until the conversion rates reach your required objectives.

Use Prudence – Research eye tracking reports for your niche. Factoring out the most expensive positions in favour of cheaper and yet more notable ones will truly take the entire PPC budget much further.

Focus on Scale  – Create large campaigns for approximately 500 keyword ads each. Continuously optimize all PPC programs to stay on top of keyword trends and competition.

Last but not least, because Pay Per Click can get very expensive relatively quickly, it demands profound accountability and ongoing performance tracking. While every search engine ad platform allows daily limits for each PPC campaign to be set, it’s wise to apply more traditional CRM gauging methods to this form of direct digital marketing.

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