5 Mobile Marketing Channels for Which to Optimize Your Brand

Jul 07

mobile-marketingMobile technology could have been passed down to us straight from Prometheus, his modern day handle, however, most likely would have been Steve Jobs…

Mobile has transformed our lives, localized global commerce and accelerated marketing communications. Purely in terms of the latter, this revolutionary marketing channel branches into five streams:

Mobile Web

Browsing on mobile is different than any other computing platform. Two dominant mobile standards, Google Android and Apple iOS, dictate a new user experience. One that matches opportunities and limitations provided by pocket-size computing. To meet these needs, websites have to be optimized for mobile accessibility. Either directly on page-by-page bases or by serving content created specifically for mobile web. Luckily for mobile browsing, new web standard HTML5 renders javascript in a way that solves previous issues of multimedia, Flash and video integration.

Mobile Email

Today email on-the-go is the primary content consumed by majority of mobile users. Direct email campaigns, rich-media content and e-newsletters should always display properly on all tiny screens. Planning, design and testing of email CRM templates safeguards against mobile display related issues. When it comes to mobile email, an experienced digital marketer will consider the necessary scope.

Mobile Search

Accounting for the context of a typical mobile user who browses on-the-go, search engines serve different search results for mobile browsing then they do for desktop. Primarily, these search results focus on local data, geo-positioning and display specifics of individual’s device. To that end, marketers ensure mobile search engines index and display their sites uniformly to different on-the-go users. In addition, to beat competing mobile websites and achieve top mobile search positioning, the content should adhere to best practices in Mobile Search Engine Optimization (Mobile SEO).

Mobile Display Advertising

Considering every pixel of mobile screen space is truly precious real-estate, any paid banner for this medium displays simpler, smaller and faster content. Naturally these requirements pose corresponding creative challenges, which nonetheless when conquered result in invigorating designs. Ad placement for mobile display ads demands matching level of marketing creativity. Highly diverse mobile usage coupled with consumer privacy ethics, limit mobile marketing campaign broadcasting to “in-app” environments of third party applications like Google Play and Apple iAds.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications or simply mobile apps are critical to mobile marketing success. In addition to advertising via third party apps, companies that promote themselves by creating mobile applications directly gain an attractive competitive advantage. A mobile app that solves an essential need is an excellent tool for public relations, branding and CRM purposes. Mobile apps may either be process-oriented (fitness calculators, weather feeds, meal trackers, etc.) or conceptual (Google Maps, Instagram, Yelp, etc.). Process-oriented apps are not difficult to develop and may be produced relatively inexpensively. However, detailed cost-benefit analysis should determine if a mobile app strategy for your business makes worthwhile commercial sense.

When weighing how pace of change in the mobile technology arena has in the past few years impacted average consumers lives, it makes imagining where this persistent proliferation will take us in the nest few years even more captivating.

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