How to Beat Rough Market Seas with A Clever Marketing Plan

Oct 31

marketing-plansFor a business leader’s venture, marketing plan is not unlike a nautical navigation system for a captain of a yacht.

Basing its aim on specific customer needs, resulting marketing mix and current market conditions, professional marketing plan presents competitive analyses, strategic considerations and tactical executions for achieving an all-important set of marketing objectives within any specific period of time.

All in all, a well-defined marketing plan follows the subsequent structure:

    1. Overview – Executive Summary
    2. Target Market – Demographics, Psychographics, Segmentation, Needs
    3. Company – Resources and Objectives
    4. Market Conditions – Competitive, Cultural, Economic, Legal, Technological
    5. Research – Methodology, Assumptions, Alternatives, Analysis
    6. Strategy – Differentiation and Positioning
    7. Marketing Mix– 4P’s
      • Product – Features, Advantages, Benefits
      • Place – Channels, Distribution, Service
      • Price – History, Elasticity, Discounts
      • Promotion – Branding, Creative, Media Mix, Objectives
        • Traditional:  Print, Outdoor, Broadcast
        • Publicity:  Messaging, Events, Releases
        • Sales:  Leads, Scripts, Materials
        • Direct:  Mailers, Email, CRM
        • Digital:  Site, Content, SEO, Display, Social, PPC, Mobile
    8. Implementation Plan – Budgeting, Timelines, Screening Criteria

Once the expert marketing plan is in place a skilled marketing management professional puts it into action.

Just like a captain of a yacht who uses navigation to conquer new frontiers without peril, marketing expert achieves set out goals by bringing successive marketing plans into reality with a triumph.

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