Engaging Across Full Spectrum of Performance Measurement

Aug 12

CleanData-sqrdMeasurement is the lifeblood that leads to—pardon the typographical pun, “capitalized” — Results.

Without measurable outcome, the marketing profession from a structured and skilled discipline turns into an amateur effort because lack of results jeopardizes stakeholders’ returns not to mention overall company future. Since that which is unknown, can not be improved, every Integrated Marketing Campaign starts with clear objectives.

Marketing objectives vary on the industry, project, organization and stage in the product life-cycle. But generally, include all or some combination of the following:

– Timeliness
– Revenue
– Customer Satisfaction
– Number of Units Sold
– Number of Leads
– Rate of Conversion
– Market Share
– Brand Equity
– Message and Brand Recall
– Brand and Product Awareness
– Input Costs
– Profitability

Measurement of course is the key, which unlocks successful use of continuous loop lifecycle marketing. Where insights gained from previous campaigns are transformed and used to improve future target market and customer interactions thus maximizing the overall gains from the ongoing sales and marketing tactics.

Applying measurement in multi-channel marketing environment allows to scale up some truly remarkable outcomes.

Should you wish to design a well-measured marketing program, feel free to contact me anytime.

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