Deep and Ongoing Impact of Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Sep 21

integrated-marketing-campaignsThe eternal question of whether advertising works gets answered at the end of this post.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns (IMC’s) target consumers with strategic messaging through multiple media over specific period of time.

Management of these massive efforts requires tremendous amount of planning, leading and controlling of budget and personnel.

Previously, to achieve its goals, traditional marketing organized print, radio, and TV ads, direct marketing, direct selling and public relations in relative harmony.

But the digital media has put considerable pressure on the overall marketing mix.

Now strategy and execution behind an integrated marketing campaign really depends on the target market’s shifting media consumption patterns versus their more active digital media use.

Fundamentally, the more different media touch-points the audience gets targeted with, the higher is the rate of success.

Equally as important as reach and frequency, however, the message requires perception of quality and relevance to make an IMC effective.

So it is not so much “if marketing works” but rather “why it works” that should be asked as the question.

The answer is: “It works because of the Integrated Marketing Campaigns.”

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