The Full Value of Ongoing Competitor Analysis

Mar 24

competitionBreakthrough marketing opportunities require not only deep understanding of the target market but also of the competition.

Competitor analysis exposes strengths and weaknesses of current or potential competitor strategies as well as any possible product or solution substitutes.

To determine potential rivals, marketers adopt target market’s perspective and layout all likely purchasing and consumption scenarios.

Absolute comparison of direct competitor marketing mixes, within the context of a target-centric approach, outlines all differentiation and positioning strategies in the market place and uncovers opportunities for a competitive advantage.

To ensure sustainability of a competitive advantage, a skilled marketing department does not merely monitor and react to how competitor strategies and target-market needs are evolving, savvy marketing leaders respond to such forces with tactics that have been anticipated and assembled well in advance.

After all, opponent surprised is already half beaten. For more  information on pro-active business planning, check out the overview of professional Business Plans.

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