How to Harness Real Control with an Effective Business Plan

Jul 17

First and foremost, a well put-together business plan provides a blueprint for running a profitable business.

Secondly, it is a factually verifiable instrument for obtaining necessary financing in exchange for Return On Investment (ROI), and often, additional terms.

Not the least, a business plan is a marketing document, which if created with proper tone of voice, including easy-to-follow structure plus enticing visuals, should motivate the reader to act in covered venture in an intended way.

Structure of any comprehensive business plan normally includes the following:

  1. Overview – Executive Summary, Financial Highlights, Marketing Mix (4p’s)
  2. Products; Services – Description of Firm’s Products, Services, Solutions
  3. Company – Mission, Highlights, Ownership Structure, Summary of Project’s Scope
  4. Research – Market Analysis Summary, Customer Profile, Buyer Decision-making Process, Identification of Potential Demand, Market Segmentation, Choosing Right Target Segmentation Approach
  5. Strategy – Deriving the General Strategy, Five Forces & SWOT Analyses, Attaining Competitive Advantage(s)
  6. Marketing – Marketing Plan Summary, Competitor Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy, Implementation Plan
  7. Operations – Core Business Policies, Personnel Plan Summary, Timely Personnel Plan, Organizational Charts, Job Descriptions
  8. Financials – Financial Plan, Sales Forecast, Capital Requirements, Model Assumptions and Parameters, Financial Projections, Selected Financial Ratios, Sensitivity Analysis, Project Risks and Warranties
  9. Appendices – Financial Statements, Marketing Plan, Project Implementation Plan, Twelve-month Personnel Plan

Delivering proper data and analysis on each of the aforementioned sections and sub-sections puts forward a professional document.

Average size of an effective business plan is around 60-90 pages — a manageable length from reader and writer perspectives.

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