16 Secrets of Successful Business Development

Feb 02

business-developmentBusiness Development produces revenues, achieves goals and services client expectations.

This key business function focuses on person-to-person interactions and superior interpersonal skills that separate business success from failure. In essence, great interpersonal skills boil down to the following 3 factors:

  • Smiling
  • Eye-contact
  • Enthusiasm

After putting the first 3 moves into action, professional sales managers follow the next 5 steps:

  1. Pitch – Intrinsic human nature forms bias very quickly. That’s why the opening line may make or break the entire relationship. Exemplary pitch strikes a balance between tone, reason and medium.
  2. Introduction – The pitch obtains attention, introduction turns it into interest. Clear idea of what the prospect will get from the transaction keeps up the interest.
  3. Short Story – Next the prospect should find out how exactly to get what s/he might be interested in considering. Immediately moving straight to the point shows respect for everyone’s time.
  4. Close – This is the part of either asking for more consideration, repeat orders or an actual sale. The ABC’s of Sales (Always Be Closing) refers more to closing the next step in the sales process rather than closing the actual deal or a transaction, which by following ABC will transpire organically.
  5. Follow-Up – Rain-making requires non-stop performance. Listen for cues, schedule next meeting, deliver on a promise and never be late!

Above all, successful sales people stay on top by developing subsequent 8 highly-refined skills:

  1. Positive Attitude – always sport a “can do” approach to every situation
  2. Territory Management – source and develop every possible lead, leave no stone unturned
  3. Punctuality – always arrive on time, never be late, especially for a meeting with a client
  4. Focus – always maintain a positive “can do” approach to every situation
  5. Preparation – always be ready with a right solution
  6. Situation Awareness – know the next step and always keep advancing to it
  7. Consistency – keep working hard everyday; every week; every quarter
  8. Assertiveness – take control but always politely

The sales system described here is known as the 3-5-8 system and effective sales managers posses wealth of expertise in the application of all 3-5-8 steps. Leading by example, having keen observation skills and sharing all necessary skills at the right time and in the proper manner, closes all performance-related gaps to distinguish true professionals from the others.

After all, nature may be as it may, proper nurture definitely maximizes the necessary results.


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