This bio is based on the test responses to the Insights Preference Evaluator, commissioned by the #1 MBA school in Canada to analyze my management and communication style. I am an ENTJ on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

“Andre tends to be seen as strong, analytical and impersonal. Good at organizing, decisive, quick, logical and strong in reasoning power, he values truth in the form of fact, formula, method and judgment. He is a good problem solver because he can absorb necessary factual information and find logical and sensible solutions quickly. Andre can usually get to the heart of any situation and implement an effective solution. Andre’s many accomplishments are achieved mainly through determination and perseverance in reaching or exceeding his high standards. Impatient with what he may see as inefficiency and incompetence, he can take tough decisions when the situation calls for it.”

“He will tend to be concerned with the effect that the decision making process, and its result, will have on others. Others may see his decisions as unrealistic in certain circumstances. He has a tendency towards making higher risk decisions. Andre is willing to admit the truth about people or things that are important to him, is very alert to problems, and seeks to find solutions himself. With his enthusiasm and spontaneity, Andre brings a refreshing approach to decision making.”

“His effectiveness depends on how much personal fulfillment he receives from the current task. Andre enjoys making decisions. He likes to be in control of things and values efficient and effective decision making. As an extraverted, future oriented person, he may fear failure but knows how to turn it on its head into something positive, if the event occurs.”

“He tends to be influenced by the idea, rather than the people behind the idea. He enjoys deciding what ought to be done and can give the necessary instructions to ensure that it is done.”


This section identifies the key strengths which Andre brings to the organization. Andre has abilities, skills and attributes in other areas, but the statements below are likely to be some of the fundamental gifts he has to offer.

Andre’s key strengths:

  • Challenges convention.
  • Dynamic negotiator.
  • A natural go-getter with great enthusiasm for life.
  • Versatile and adaptable to many situations.
  • Takes advantage of opportunities.
  • Intuitive and optimistic.
  • Displays high levels of energy.
  • Constantly strives towards self improvement.
  • Articulate and competitive self starter.
  • Good situational analysis.

Value to the Team

Each person brings a unique set of gifts, attributes and expectations to the environment in which they operate. Add to this list any other experiences, skills or other attributes which Andre brings, and make the most important items on the list available to other team members.

As a team member, Andre:

  • Can focus equally upon “task” and “process”.
  • Keeps others on track.
  • Provides charismatic leadership.
  • Sees the “big picture”.
  • Can generate fast results by prioritizing well and taking action.
  • Is unhindered by existing procedures and practices.
  • Encourages others to compete.
  • Generates a prolific number of ideas.
  • Brings direction and realism to every project.
  • Blends natural enthusiasm with objectivity.