Sophisticated Soft and Hard Skills of Marketing Art Direction

May 06

art-directionMarketing discipline of managing a strong visual identity is known as Art Directing.

Skillful art directors apply best-practices in graphic design, marketing and visual communications to create most powerful and unique corporate images, campaigns and brands.

Art directing demands an eye for proportion, negative-space and timing, plus considerable video, web and desktop editing and publishing skills mainly with tools like Adobe’s Photoshop, inDesign, illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premier and Flash.

Photoshop – software for editing photos and images
illustrator – program for working with two-dimensional and vector files
– tool for publishing desktop and digital formats
Dreamweaver – program for web development and building web-sites
–  application for editing film, audio and video
Flash – platform for animating graphics and timeline-based objects

Alas, standalone knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite software sufficiently brings forth only that——graphic designing, web coding and video editing skills.

Beyond natural ability to use these tools, intimate understanding of media-dynamics, meta-context, and target-market tastes, truly transforms mere digital craftsmanship into powerful mass-communications engineering.

Instead of the one-off fixes, the latter builds metaphorical lighthouses to navigate the hearts and minds of target markets and modern media audiences.

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